I don’t really feel like writing today but my habit brings me to do so, I’m embarrassing at best.
I have been reading about kidnap all week, I’m not sure why, but every month I find myself searching for that topic. It has been a long standing obsession, a comfort from fear... my own fear.  I think largely I need to address this. I think I did write a zine about it when I was a teenager, like I say it’s a long standing fear/obsession.
I have been in London this week, really for no reason; well I looked at an enlarger, that’s what I do. I look for enlargers when I am not reading about kidnap. I stayed with friends and didn’t manage to see everyone, I will go for longer next time as I am shooting my dear friend Katie west, I look very forward to that.
For a change I am still moving my studio, just when I think I can settle and make more ambitious work I/we decide to move again. I like starting again I should do it more often.
As for this shoot, I had a great deal of fun doing this, with a surprisingly young and talented crew, please see their credits below. I wonder if you can guess the theme? They do of course make more sense run together like this than they do in extracts on facebook. 

Mills Romie Williams, Liam hart, Jessica Mai Walker, Panda Parker, Carianne Moore

About Ellen

Ellen Rogers is a London-based all analogue photographer and filmmaker.
To date she has been featured and interviewed in numerous magazines such as i-D, Vice, Tank, Dazed And Confused, British Journal of Photography, The Guardian, Vogue IT, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar China, Grazia IT and worked for fashion designers such as Charlotte Olympia, Piers Atkinson, Sorcha O'Raghallaigh, Maria Francesca Pepe and many more.

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