Introspectus No.1

06/23/2012 - 18:12
Introspectus No.1

I have been talking to Kirsty Mitchell a lot recently, a genuinely lovely and passionate photographer. Kirsty also lost her mother to cancer and makes her work in her name. If you haven’t seen her work already, you will be in shock at how much time and effort she spends on each piece, the images are not composited in Photoshop but painstaking made by hand. I.e. all props and clothing are made and dyed by hand. It really is a testament to what is possible from one person alone making an entire mise en scène. 
Tobias shot this small documentary about our house/studio/darkroom. It also seemed important to me to get started on documenting our place in case we have to leave at any point. I really like the grade of Tobias’s camera it seems to make the greens more English than England itself.
It’s a rather unnerving thought that we may be turfed out at any point. We have no set date and really I’m not after sympathy or condolences, I just want to keep my home...
On a completely off topic I’m sure some of the English followers of my work may be aware it was some sort of Bowie night last night on BBC4 (I say English and not British as TV is different around the UK depending on where you are and I’m not sure what Scotland/Southern Ireland/Wales get), I’m not sure why he had a whole night dedicated to him (not that I’m complaining), maybe he has an album out or something. But it meant a night of sitting with Tobias whilst he edited this and I watched Bowie, it led me to think about Eno, a more far interesting character in my opinion. And I saw this statement on a page about his life which made me like him even more
‘Eno makes no bones about being a bottoms man. In his diary, he describes spending time in Photoshop on his computer, “modifying back views of women to expand their bottoms to cosmic proportions. Strange that one remains gripped by the same fantasies throughout life.”
John Brown, a neighbour in London, and publisher of Viz magazine (world-famous for its bottoms), says: 'What I really like about him is that if we're in a restaurant and he's in the middle of a discourse on modernist art in St Petersburg, he'll suddenly say ‘look at the arse on that waitress'.”
Well I thought it was pretty cool. It also tallies to something my friend who ran the comic shop I used to work in once told me about him. Apparently he had expressed (in our shop) a likening for the summer as the hems on dresses rise. What a guy.
I posted an image today on facebook, a boy, I did it to remind myself that I need to shoot guys more often, it’s not something I’m great at all, but I need the practice. It was Dan Felton I must have shot him about 3 times. I felt more conformable with him than other male models. A challenge awaits me I am sure.
I have a silly silly schedule for the next month but I made a promise to be here. I must keep it, Kant considered promises to be important and so do I.